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Ashley V. Perkins Enterprises, LLC

Partnering to impact through social and emotional skill-building.


Ashley Perkins is the CEO of Ashley V. Perkins Enterprises, LLC, and is a social and emotional learning (SEL) thought leader. Ashley seeks to expand the horizons of social and emotional learning, using it as a tool in developing people and improving human interaction. Perkins aims to place emphasis on the need for social and emotional competence beyond academia, as she integrates SEL in non-academic spaces that underutilize SEL; i.e. the workforce, violence prevention, etc. Perkins has developed SEL curriculum to facilitate conversations on DEI, anti-racism, restorative Justice, trauma-informed spaces and other SEL related-topics. As a consultant and facilitative trainer, Ashley and her team seek to partner to impact, through social and emotional skill-building. 

"I have witnessed Ashley encourage and guide courageous conversations around race, violence and change. Her calm, but real presentation of materials allows for everyone’s voice to be heard. Ashley has a way of making everyone in the group feel heard & respected. You always feel like you have a guide and a partner when Ashley is facilitating conversations -especially difficult ones."

- Tara D.

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